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Mar 8 2022

Appraisals – Buying Homes from an Appraiser’s Perspective

When looking to purchase a home, considering the home’s value through the eyes of the appraiser may help determine the amount you’d be willing to invest.. Cleanliness is always appreciated, but there are 3 main points to consider.

  1. Sanitary
  2. Sound
  3. Safe

These three “S’s” are used for all VA loans, but they are generally a good rule of thumb to follow for any appraisal.


Sanitary conditions are important to a home’s value. The particular type of carpet will not affect the home’s appraisal compared to other homes next door, however, if there is pet feces riddled through the carpet, or mold from a leaking toilet, things like these will affect the home’s value due to unsanitary conditions.


A home must be in good sound shape to hold its value. The walls and roof must be sound. The foundation must be in sound shape. An appraiser is also going to make sure that the exterior paint completely covers the entire home. Paint color (or colors) does not matter as much as 100% paint coverage. If the structure of the home is not sound or protected from the elements, the value of the home compared to other neighboring properties will not hold up.


Homes must be safe. Think of extreme cases when looking at the safety of a home. A colleague recently shared a story of a seller who had a 4’x4’ wide hole in a second story deck looking out over a ravine. The seller simply laid down a rug over the hole hoping that the appraiser wouldn’t notice. Again, appraisers don’t really consider aesthetics when appraising a home. In this situation, it would’ve been much safer had the seller screwed down a sheet of plywood, regardless of the visual appeal, in order to protect the safety of anyone walking out on that deck.


Although a home’s value is primarily compared to nearby homes that have recently been sold, the sanitary, sound, and safe conditions of a home can have a drastic impact on the home you are looking to purchase. Keep that in mind next time you look at a home to purchase. Remember whatever your current situation, there’s a Juicy Solution waiting for you. Take a look around the website for more helpful tips.