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Apr 20 2027

Construction Loans: The Septic Key

Many people buy land to build a home, but it’s not till later when they find out that their new property is not a buildable lot… or it is a very expensive to build lot. The most important key to buying land begins with sewer or septic. Here’s the Number One Rule: If you can’t get the crap out, it’s not a buildable lot. Anyone can get any utility to a piece of property. Electrical can be poled in, or an owner can build a solar system. Water can be piped in, you can dig a well, you can even cistern and truck the water in if need be. Waste, however, must be resolved… otherwise the property will become a literal “waste” land.

Modern Septic Planning

Modern technology has allowed for alternative septic systems when difficult lots cannot utilize sewer or traditional septic systems. These systems can get quite expensive, but that’s what construction lending is for. Keep in mind that lots with completed homes will generally give a good indicator of what kind of waste system will be required for neighboring properties. Some municipalities even allow for comparable perc rate calcs when planning to build in remote areas. Check out my cousin’s tutorials at the REAL PROPERTY SHOW.

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